Pelican™ V100 Vault

R1,551.72R2,452.55 Including VAT

Interior (L×W×D)
27.9 x 20.3 x 11.4 cm

Exterior (L×W×D)
31.2 x 30.6 x 13.1 cm



Built for hard use, high impact and supreme weather resistance, new Vault series equipment cases are the most rugged and secure in their class. Equipped with a host of premium protective features at a price more travelers can afford, as only the 42-year veteran of hard knocks could deliver.

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Black, Blue, Bright Green, Tan


Foam, Padded Dividers


Interior (L×W×D) (27.9 x 20.3 x 11.4 cm)
Exterior (L×W×D) (31.2 x 30.6 x 13.1 cm)
Lid Depth (4 cm)
Bottom Depth (7.4 cm)
Total Depth (11.4 cm)
Int Volume (0.007 m³)
Weight With Foam (1.6 kg)
Weight Empty (1.4 kg)
Minimum Temperature (-17.8 ° C)
Maximum Temperature (60 ° C)

Foam Layers

If foam option selected:

Layer 1 (Lid) 3.8 cm Pad
Layer 2 (Base) 2.9 cm Pad
Layer 3 (Base) 2.9 cm Pad
Layer 4 (Base) 1.6 cm Pad